Mayaros Translations - Own To Obey

Most of the important phrases are translated later in the book, but here are the main scenes that may require translation.

Chapter 2

He looked her over, nodding appreciatively at her new clothing. “Your tasks will begin immediately,” he said, his voice a rough rumble. “This will be the last time I will be speaking to you in your tongue. The Southern Isles will be your new home and you will speak the language. The best way for you to learn is to hear it regularly.”

Shaya stilled. That would definitely make things harder for her.

He stared at her for a long moment, his eyes lingering on the material on her head, but he didn’t make a move to remove it again, much to her relief. “Follow me,” he ordered finally. “And stay close.” He hesitated, then said, “Follow me,” as he beckoned her to follow.


Shaya battled the nervous fear inside her once more, hoping he would leave soon. Her insides jittered wildly and it was beginning to feel pleasurable being against his body, which she didn’t want. There was also a slight peppery but warm scent coming from him, faint but enticing enough for her to breathe in deeply for more of it.

You’re a beauty, Shaya,” he murmured, his eye roaming over her face.

A blast of annoyance swept through her and she turned her head sharply to the side.

The shinno grabbed round the back of her neck, and turned her head back to him. He spoke again, different words this time, a warning tone in his voice, but when he repeated “Shaya,” she turned her head again sharply.

Using every ounce of courage, she said firmly. “My name is Katashaya.”

Chapter 3

Once the shinno was ready, fully dressed, the girl turned to Shaya and spoke softly. “Watch carefully,” she said pointing to her own eyes and then to the blanket.


After a long stretch of him holding her, the shinno, who had fallen silent, said, “Find strength.” For the first time, his voice was softer than she’d heard before and something in his tone caused her to look up at him.

His strange eyes swept her face, but she could not identify the expression in them. Everything about him was hard, his body, his face, his voice, but in his eyes, at least this time, there was something different there.

Find strength.” He paused, his eyes searching hers as he conceded, adding, “Katashaya.”


An icy wetness slammed into her face and Shaya gasped as she jumped awake.

I did not put you there for you to enjoy unconsciousness,” the shinno growled before her. He lowered the bucket he was holding, clearly annoyed.


She blinked, lifting her head to meet the gaze of a man, an Alpha, staring at her.

He was large and thick, but not quite as big as the shinno, with creamy tan skin and dark hair covering his head, his jaw, and around his mouth. Interestingly, his eyes were a similar color to the shinno’s, except they were lighter.

He stepped toward her, his head cocked to one side. “What did you do to get the rope?” mumbled out of him.

Chapter 4

The shinno’s fingers slowed as she jerked and spasmed, the lingering ecstasy still swimming through her. Her knees dropped and laziness came over her.
There’s nothing more beautiful than you, little bird,” came the low rumble from the shinno.


One afternoon, as she stared at the ocean, enjoying the breeze on her face, she turned to peek at the shinno while he watched the ocean, and was surprised to find that he was already looking at her. She quickly returned her gaze back to the sea, but the urge to look at him again was too strong, and soon her eyes were back on his. He seemed to find this amusing. “You may look upon me as I look upon you, little bird. I am not shy,” he murmured, a smile on his lips as he tilted his head to watch her.


With a hard push, Treska entered the room, and the door closed behind her and locked.

“No!” Shaya yelled. “You can’t do this kind of punishment. This is exactly what I’m talking about!”

The shinno turned to her, his eyes fierce. “I can do what the fuck I like!

Chapter 6

The Alpha suddenly broke out into a grin, and she recognized him. He was the one who tried to speak to her when she was tied up on the deck with the boulders.

Hello,” he said. “I tried to look for you.”


The same man lay on the table, but the woman who was once on his face was now bouncing up and down on his cock, while another woman stood on one side of the table sucking on her nipples. Shaya turned her attention toward the door and walked slowly towards it, but this time she did not escape their attention.

“Hey,” called the man on the table. “Come here.”

Shaya pretended not to hear him, but then he called again, more urgently this time.


“What?” she muttered. “I don’t understand.”
The man raised his brows. “Oh, Common Tongue. Come here for a moment.”