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A Savage Debt (The Beholden Duet 1)

A Savage Debt (The Beholden Duet 1)

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"This. Was. Fabulous. I’m ready for part two now.... wow. Anyone loving the dynamic between alpha and omega will devour this!" - Hanna S

 Inside: enemies-to-lovers, degrading deal, jealous/possessive hero, humiliation, Robin-Hood inspired

There is only one thing of unmatched value that I want.  Your daughter. For three nights.

No one has seen his face, but they all know his name.


The dark outlaw who follows no rules. The notorious alpha intent on destruction.

When he appears at the royal court for an audience with the king, he demands repayment for a debt no one knew existed. And he wants only one thing.

The princess.

Protected, revered, and betrothed, Ana’s life was planned from the moment she was born.

She struggles to find her voice in the royal court, but she is content to meet all of her father’s expectations.

Until she expected to pay his debt and give three nights to the outlaw.

Each night, Maddoc orchestrates a dark chaos, dominating her destruction for his own sadistic satisfaction.

But in the clarity of their primal truth, Ana glimpses more beyond the terror that everyone sees.

And the comfort and security of her world begin to fracture.

A SAVAGE DEBT is the first part of the Beholden Duet, a fantasy Omegaverse romance that explores themes of justice, punishment, and dark, savage love. For fans of faithful Alpha anti-heroes. Cliffhanger included. This story features romance of a dark nature. See below for content/trigger warnings.

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“Bring him in,” the king called.

Silence gripped the hall again as the doors creaked open. Heavy footsteps echoed across the space as a man entered and walked between the crowds seated on both sides.

A dark trembling gloom bloomed in Ana’s stomach at the sight of him.

Huge and thick, he was a towering mass of muscle. A patchwork of mismatched grey, brown, and black clothing covered his bulky frame; heavy leather boots adorned his feet, and a ruby red cloak swayed from his shoulders while its hood covered his head and obscured his face. There could be no doubt he was an Alpha. He was larger than the guards who accompanied him, and he walked with a confidence not even the Alphas of the royal houses possessed. The arrogance saturating the way he held himself made Ana’s stomach plummet—this was not going to be an easy exchange.

He took no notice of the audience on either side of him, his attention remaining on the thrones. When he reached the engraving of the royal crest etched into the floor, a few feet from the platform, he abruptly halted, then removed his hood.

Silence swallowed every last shuffle in the hall. Ana tried to drag her eyes away, to prevent herself from seeing the face of this monster who had been a malignant force against her kingdom for so long, but she couldn’t. He held himself with the poise of a wild animal, waiting to strike its prey when the opportunity arose—deceptively relaxed, watchful, and predatory. He was unlike any other man she’d seen, and no one took their eyes off a creature so dangerous. Black, shaggy hair surrounded his head, and a short beard covered the lower half of his face. He had a strong nose and a gaze so piercing, it made Ana shudder.

“Maddoc.” The king’s authoritative voice cut through the tension. “You asked for an audience with me and you have it. Just know you will be charged here today, so I hope what you have come to say is worth it.”

The Alpha remained still, almost statuesque. The solemn weight of his dark eyes captured the menace emanating from his whole being, and his gaze didn’t waver from the king.

It was as if the entire court held a collective breath, and in that moment Ana sensed the aggression that stifled the room. It was so potent, it would only take one spark, one wrong word, to ignite the proceedings into chaos.


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  • ★★★★★

    To me this book is everything an omegaverse romance should be - the dark, brooding hero, feisty heroine and plenty of chemistry and angst!
    You can’t help but be drawn in by the story from the very start and long for more when it ends.

    - TH

  • ★★★★★

    Fantastic read, amazing author 🖤
    Wow, this book was everything I could have ever have dreamed of! It was one of the best omegaverse books.
    I have always loved Zoey her heroines, they are strong and don’t easily give in to their males and their instincts.
    The sex scenes were off the chart as well, so if you want some hot stuff you have to read this.

    - JP

  • ★★★★★

    This book is filled with steamy sex, angst and a feisty heroine. No cheating and some rough scenes at the beginning which are my favorite as the characters gradually develop something more.
    Can't wait for the next one!!

    - AP