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Fantasy Dark Romance

Scars of His Wrath (Myth of Omega: Wrath 1)

Scars of His Wrath (Myth of Omega: Wrath 1)

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Bound by fate to the man she's sworn to defy.

Revered for her magical ability, Naya is the most treasured omega in her parents’ empire. Her birth marked the arrival of peace in the land, and her people eagerly await her reign.

But Naya is haunted by a tragedy.

Finding her mate is the key to banishing the shadows plaguing her. Yet no matter how hard she searches, Naya can’t find the one who ignites the profound attraction her mate is destined to arouse.

Then one night, she is stolen.

Akoro, an alpha dominated by vengeance and violence, takes her to a distant land where her powers are useless. A cold-hearted king, he demands she help him conquer her empire.

Naya vows to safeguard her people, but she is horrified when Akoro awakens the primal craving that confirms he is her true mate.

Devastated, she endures his cruelty and growing obsession with her, certain they could never be together.

But Akoro has scars of his own.

His secrets might help her oppose him, but as she digs deeper, the desire between them erupts into an irresistible, heated torment.

Scars of His Wrath is book 1 in a steamy dark romance series set in a dark fantasy world. This book ends in a cliffhanger and contains dark romance situations. For fans of faithful alpha anti-heroes, omegaverse, and captive romances. See below for content/trigger warnings.

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It was him.

Her fear conceded to a rapidly building anger and her eyes darted to his forearm and his knee, both of which were bandaged. But he didn't look particularly well rested. In fact, he looked even more agitated than when he was chasing her. Good.

She didn't say anything, just watched him. He crossed his arms and did the same. The dim orange light cast a shadowy glow on the left side of him, and even standing motionless, he looked just as wild as he had in the forest.

His hair hung loose, thick and wavy, framing his face. A heavy beard spread across his jaw and around his mouth. Loose rings of metal gleamed from both of his thick wrists, and dark clothes helped him blend into the darkness around him. But it was his eyes that captivated her. Fierce and piercing, with a dark glare that burned.

He didn't look like the kind of man who could be reasoned with.

Silence hung around them as they studied each other. He held a large dark stone in his hand that had scattered lines of glimmering blue light all over it, but it didn’t look familiar.

His eyes darted to her wrists and feet, as if wanting to ensure that she was secure, before skipping back up to meet her eyes.

The thick definition of his body implied he was warrior, one who trained enthusiastically. Such a man would fit in among the dedicated Alpha Lox warriors, and yet Naya sensed an additional intensity that simmered beneath the surface of his movements. An untamed, aggressive energy with the way he carried himself—a raw, impulsive force. Something about that appealed to her. This was a man used to fighting—a man unfamiliar with losing. A beast of a warrior who could not be controlled by disciplined training.

So when he took a step forward, she tensed, her whole body preparing to fight, instinctively calling on magic even though she’d just established she couldn’t control it.

He stopped a foot away. "Stop doing that.” His voice rumbled throughout the room, rich and heavy. “Magic cannot help you here.”

She didn’t recognize his accent and didn’t know how he knew she was trying to access magic, but it was better if she gave the orders. "Take me home. Now.”

He watched her mouth as it moved and then looked back up at her eyes, but said nothing.

"My father will not pay any ransom. The best chance you have of surviving when he comes for me is to release me now and pray he doesn’t find you."

The man watched her mouth before returning his gaze to her eyes again. "I am not concerned.” Deep and raspy, his voice beastly like the rest of him.

Dread churned in her stomach. Why was he so confident? "Where am I?”

His huge, crossed arms flexed. "In my world.”

Goosebumps sprinkled along her arms, tugging at something deep within her.

Ignoring his attempt to intimidate her, she forced herself to speak. “What do you want?"

He stepped forward again, a cold fire burning in his eyes. "I am going to invade your green world." The certainty in his voice sent another rash of goosebumps crawling up her arms. "I will conquer your villages and cities. I will kill your emperor and his army, and I will destroy any of his allies who choose to challenge me. Your palace will be torn down, your history erased, and I will kill your people. They will be slaughtered. My people will stand on their graves in our rise to greatness.”

Conviction gleamed in his eyes, and Naya’s heart plummeted to her stomach.

The beast pressed his palms on the wall, caging her as he leaned in. “And you, Princess, are going to help me."


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  • 18+ material

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  • ★★★★★

    Oh my, this is a totally AWESOME story 😃. A insane Alpha, A heartbroken Omega, crazy deadly magic, intense situations and unknown characters

    - SB

  • ★★★★★

    Fan-freaking-tastic read!! But, this story was AMAZING!!! The heated friction between these two is palpable.

    - CB

  • ★★★★★

    I was quickly captivated and consumed by this dark and intense read. This wickedly complex story tugs at your heartstrings, stretches your nerves to the breaking point and has you clinging to the edge of your seat.

    - AG

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