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Fantasy Dark Romance

Scars of His Wrath

Scars of His Wrath

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Bound by fate to the man she's sworn to defy.

Revered for her magical ability, Naya is the most treasured omega in her parents’ empire. Her birth marked the arrival of peace in the land, and her people eagerly await her reign.

But Naya is haunted by a tragedy.

Finding her mate is the key to banishing the shadows plaguing her. Yet no matter how hard she searches, Naya can’t find the one who ignites the profound attraction her mate is destined to arouse.

Then one night, she is stolen.

Akoro, an alpha dominated by vengeance and violence, takes her to a distant land where her powers are useless. A cold-hearted king, he demands she help him conquer her empire.

Naya vows to safeguard her people, but she is horrified when Akoro awakens the primal craving that confirms he is her true mate.

Devastated, she endures his cruelty and growing obsession with her, certain they could never be together.

But Akoro has scars of his own.

His secrets might help her oppose him, but as she digs deeper, the desire between them erupts into an irresistible, heated torment.

Scars of His Wrath is book 1 in a steamy dark romance series set in a dark fantasy world. This book ends in a cliffhanger and contains dark romance situations. For fans of faithful alpha anti-heroes, omegaverse, and captive romances. See below for content/trigger warnings.

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  • dark, uncomfortable, explicit, and potentially triggering scenes
  • a hero who is cruel, brutal, or despicable in some way
  • a hero who is also faithful and protective of the heroine
  • material that is for 18+ readers only

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