Not sure where to start with my books? Or where to go next?

No problem! Here is my recommended reading order. Please note, all books are dark romance and may contain triggers. You can check trigger warnings here.

Myth of Omega

Myth of Omega is an angsty, dark fantasy, m/f omegaverse series featuring dominant, brutal antiheroes and their reluctant heroines.
TROPES: captive dark romance, jealous/possessive hero, breeding, fated mates.

CRAVE Trilogy
Cailyn's mission to infiltrate Emperor Drocco's palace leads to an irresistible attraction that puts her at the mercy of his legendary ruthless vengeance.
Crave To Conquer
Crave To Capture
Crave To Claim

REIGN Trilogy
Corrupt king, Malloron, makes a degrading proposal to desperate spy, Amara, beginning a cat-and-mouse game of sinful ruin. 
Reign To Ruin
Reign To Ravage
Reign To Rule

OWN Trilogy
When Shaya makes the choice to save her sister, she becomes the possession of a savage, tribal warrior who insists she is a gift, but who becomes slowly obsessed with his new treasure.
Own To Obey
Own To Obsess
Own To Obtain

WRATH Trilogy
When celebrated Omega, Naya, is kidnapped by a brutal king, intent on forcing her to help him conquer her empire, she is horrified to discover that he is the true mate she has been searching for.
Scars of His Wrath
Sins of His Wrath

The Last Dragorai

In a world ravaged by dark magic, five brothers, each bound to their majestic dragons, seek to claim their reluctant mates.

This is a series of five standalones for each bother.
TROPES: dark fantasy romance, jealous/possessive hero, breeding, fated mates.

The Beholden Duet


To settle her father's debt, a notorious, lawless Alpha demands to have her... for three nights
TROPES: dark fantasy romance, obsessed hero, political intrigue, robin-hood inspired, fated mates.

Myth of Omega Novellas

Candescent and Compulsion, are set in the Myth of Omega world, after the events of the Crave trilogy.

Silver fox, General Thorec never thought he'd find the true mate he's always ached for until a young, feisty woman who despises him trespasses on his territory.


When Roclan is finally offered the chance to become a general, he wasn't expecting to encounter a beautiful female who would send him into a rut just by her scent.

All signs point to this beautiful woman being his mate but,
unfortunately, she is also his prisoner.


Empire of Angels

When a warrior angel appears to protect Thea, she refuses to put up with his arrogant attitude. But her disobedience only increases his powerful desire to possess her.