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Fantasy Dark Romance

Reign To Ravage (Myth of Omega 5)

Reign To Ravage (Myth of Omega 5)

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Full of emotions and very intriguing. A must read!" - Kelly

His savage need will not let her go.

Now that his future is tied to Amara in more ways than one, King Mallaron wants her back under his control.

Whether she accepts it or not, she belongs to him, and he is prepared to overcome every obstacle to repair the damage he has caused.

Devastated by King Malloron’s deception, Amara refuses to let him have any more control over her.

But when he offers her one more deal that will give her the chance to complete her mission, she realizes it may also be a way to escape his hold.

Succumbing once again to his carnal possession, Amara tries to keep her distance, knowing he will betray her again if he gets the chance.

But their heated connection is wild and all-consuming.

And when Malloron’s corrupt kingdom turns on them both, neither of them is prepared for the revelations they both hold close to their chests.

BEWARE: This story is only for those who love an obsessive, manipulative king and battle-of-wits dark romances. See below for content/trigger warnings.

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“Whatever your reasons are for doing this,” Elion said, his voice low, “I hope they are worth your throne.”

“And how do you hope to overthrow me?” Malloron snapped. “Whatever you think you are doing here, you will never take the throne.”

“I do not want the throne,” Elion said hotly. “I already told you that no other member of the family will rule Eiros and keep the royal name in existence. But you have now destroyed any chance and hope of being able to combat whatever the other rulers are planning. This is the worst time that you could have destroyed your most valuable resource.”

Hard pounding on the temple door interrupted Malloron’s answer.

When he opened it, Emric leaned against the door frame, bent over panting and panicked. “Your Majesty, I’ve just seen your… guest floating over the city,” he blurted out. “She is floating!”

Malloron's stomach dropped. “What the hell do you mean? She’s in my bedroom.”

“No, Your Majesty,” Banon said as he caught up to Emric. “We were heading to the port as you requested, and we saw her in the air. I don’t know how she is using magic in Eiros, but she is.”

Malloron pushed past them and ran down the corridor. It couldn’t be true. How could she have left his bedroom? She couldn’t see! Had there been some kind of side-effect that he was not aware of that allowed her to use magic? Her beacon, the pulse in his palm, had stopped the moment the tenebris entered her so he could no longer tell where she was, and he didn’t think he would need to. A dread coiled in his stomach the closer he got to his bedroom.

He burst through his bedroom door and saw the confirmation for himself. His bed was empty, and the windows were wide open, but he hadn’t left them open. He scrutinized the room carefully. How could she have walked from the bed to the window? And why would she? Was she trying to kill herself? He couldn’t let that happen. Regardless of her condition, there was no way he was going to let her consider that as an option. She was still his. And even if she could never see or hear again, she was his mate and would remain his until they both took their last breaths. She didn’t know it yet, but she would. He would find a way for her to understand.

Emric and Banon arrived at the room and stood in the doorway. “What would you like me to do, Your Majesty?” Emric asked, still out of breath.
Malloron went to the window. To one side were the royal gardens, and the other led to the castle city. “Where was she?” he asked, turning to face them both.

“She was over the castle city, heading toward Norryth.” Emric froze, suddenly alarmed. “She was heading to Norryth, Your Majesty. Toward Lord Brecc’s magical breach.”

Malloron’s face contorted in anger. She was heading toward Brecc and his foolish attempts to create a power source to best Malloron. And Malloron no longer even had the tenebris. Without it, he would eventually suffer the effects of not being able to feed from it, and that would impact him being able to get his Omega back.

Focusing his mind, he drew on magic to surround him. “Get to the port and focus on our visitor from the Southern Lands,” he said to Emric. “Bring him back to the castle and do not let him leave.”

With that, he jumped out of the window after Amara.

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  • 18+ material

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  • ★★★★★

    This couple's story is new, fresh. I loved the dynamic created between them. This author creates strong, dominate alphas who just don't get it yet and omegas who also don't get it. I love it!!

    - Tina

  • ★★★★★

    This author always delivers gripping suspense, fantastic chemistry and well-developed characters that are interesting and engaging.
    The book is packed with chemistry, suspense, hot-headed individuals and fantastic surprises!

    - Kathleen

  • ★★★★★

    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME READ, more stars please, Loved it, well written, great characters, Awesome story line, can't get enough of this series

    - Catherine

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