I write for fellow dark romance readers who need their anti-heroes and happy-ever-afters.

Is that you?

Are you obsessed with possessive heroes who will do anything it takes to have their woman? Me too.

Do you prefer an angsty plot and developed, fantasy worldbuilding with your Romance? Me too.

What about knotting, heats, claiming bites, and all things sexually animalistic? Hell yeah–bring it to me!

So what else about me?

I love reading and writing about graphic, sexual, romantic relationships. I use profanity sometimes. I drool over Jason Momoa, and I have no problem accepting that bodily fluids exist and some of them are sexy (even if the word 'moist' makes me shudder a little).

I love heart-wrenching angst, true mate bliss, and wha-tha-fuck?? cliffhangers. I also love building dark and magical worlds and the inhabitants that have to survive them.

Not dark enough, too dark, or just right?

Finding the perfect dark romance author is a bit like being in a Goldilocks situation. The difference is, finding an author even close to perfect can still be a hell of a fun ride.

Am I "just right" for you? Well, I love writing problematic heroes and power imbalances. I love dark, erotic, and sometimes uncomfortable scenes. That includes dub-con, torture, violence or other forms of abuse, and sometimes distasteful and taboo topics.

But there’s a limit.

I don’t write pure non-con or gratuitous violence. I can’t stand cheating. And my characters have to pull through to a blissful happy ending, no matter what.

I love reading and writing Romance, but I’m a Dark Romance author because I have to have the angst. I want to go on journeys where the challenges between the couples are so great, most people wouldn’t be expected to overcome them. I want all that angst and heartache and pain in my stories.

Why? Because sometimes the only way to know the true strength of love is to seed it somewhere unlikely, like between a depraved hero and a prickly heroine in an unforgiving, deeply problematic world, and throw shit at them as that seed grows. It’s why I love omegaverse–their bodies are literally pushing them together too. But it’s not love until they both recognize it and fight for it.

Besides, anti-heroes are sexy as hell and sooo worth staying up `til 3 am for. 😊

But wait, what is this omegaverse thing?

Omegaverse is one of the nichiest niches in Romance. It has very specific tropes that need to be done right to get that fluttery, warm, goosebumpy payoff (at least, that’s what my readers say when I ask why they still read me!).

But, it’s not for everyone. Read more about it here.

More about me—7 random facts

  1. I have the worst love-life luck… ever! Seriously, I’m a train wreck. If I could write rom-coms, my real life would be the tragic and embarrassing inspiration material for sure!
  2. I’m a woman of color born and raised in London, England, which is also where I’m based. If you ever get the chance to visit England, come! I’m also an introvert, a bit of a gamer, and a complete sucker for cats.
  3. I’m the second oldest of six and we’re pretty tight-knit. Themes of family, responsibility, and belonging are strong in my work because of the complex structures I’ve witnessed with my friends and family. They can make an incredible difference in someone’s behavior, choices, and motivations.
  4. I love that I have a store! 😍 I’m so glad that I can offer special editions and give early access to the readers who support me the most. My amazing PA Mandy has been telling me to create one for years–I should have listened!
  5. I really dislike cheaters, liars, gaslighters, readers who pirate books, unethical marketing, and anyone who tries to shame omegaverse and its readers.
  6. I have addictions. Right now it’s; books (though this never changes), fountain pens and inks, beards, Severance (the series), round mugs, vocal and gruff out-of-control male orgasms, Stray (the game), Lady Grey, manchest… how much time do you have? I could go on 😂
  7. My favorite moment in a Romance is the point when the powerful hero realizes the heroine isn’t what he assumed, and he’s gonna have to do whatever the hell it takes to make her his because he needs her in his life. 🥰

I guess the last thing you really want to know is… are my books any good?

Well, it’s a fair question. I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of books, but that doesn’t mean anything if I’m not for you.

The only thing I can say is that every single one of my readers took a chance. Something drew them to one of my stories and they picked it up. And many of them haven’t stopped.

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