Trigger Warnings

The warnings below contain spoilers and aren't an exhaustive list. Please proceed at your own risk.

All stories contain HEAs, graphic sexual content, obsessive/jealous behavior, and dub-con. None contain cheating.

Most books contain graphic depictions of violence, murder, and battle.

Warnings Per Book

Scars of His Wrath

  • Dub-con
  • Violence
  • Depiction of torture and immediate wounds
  • Death (not main characters)
  • Graphic threats
  • Kidnapping and captivity
  • Explicit language
  • Depictions of PTSD Symptoms

Myth of Omega: Crave Trilogy

CRAVE TO CONQUER - captivity, self-harm, sexual torture, cliffhanger.

CRAVE TO CAPTURE - kidnapping, spiked food, forced breeding, captivity, cliffhanger,

CRAVE TO CLAIM - physical and mental captivity, induced rage, drugging

Myth of Omega: Reign Trilogy

REIGN TO RUIN - sexual bartering, degradation, magical torture, loss of sight, loss of hearing, cliffhanger

REIGN TO RAVAGE - loss of sight, loss of hearing, forced claiming, captivity, forced breeding, cliffhanger

REIGN TO RULE - vulnerable children

Myth of Omega: Own Trilogy

OWN TO OBEY - torture, sexual training, forced claiming, depictions of claustrophobia, cliffhanger

OWN TO OBSESS - torture, violent loss of hair, racial prejudice, cliffhanger

OWN TO OBTAIN - murder, attempted genocide

The Last Dragorai series

A LAIR SO SINFUL - captivity, sexual slavery

A LAIR SO LOYAL - mild stalking

A LAIR SO PRIMAL - captivity, rough dub con, magical torture

A LAIR SO FATEFUL - captivity, degradation

A LAIR SO ROYAL - captivity, sexual slavery

The Beholden Duet

A SAVAGE DEBT - sexual bartering, degradation, cliffhanger

A TAINTED CLAIM - rough dub-con

Empire of Angels series

CLAIMED BY POWER - cliffhanger

RUINED BY POWER - cliffhanger