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When you get to the end of a long, tiring day and finally settle down to read, what’s waiting for you?

Maybe a cuddly furbaby or your favorite beverage. But when you pick up your trusty e-reader, how long will you comb through book charts or social media for a good rec? And will it include all the really good stuff, like:

* a possessive, dominant hero who will do whatever it takes to have his woman 
* dark themes that will keep you on the edge of your seat all night
* intense and frequent high-heat scenes
* those addictive omegaverse tropes (knotting, nesting, fuck-or-die heats)
* enemies to lovers, fated mates, and no cheating
* a gritty fantasy world, heartstopping story, and guaranteed happy ending

If it doesn't, why waste your time?

We both know you’re pretty remarkable if these features are your reading jam, so don't settle for less.

Escape into one of my recent releases or one of my most popular books.



  • Warning!

    These books result in lack of sleep and dry eyes from reading hours on end. I really really need sleep.....but I just read the intro [of the next book]..... I'm doomed.

    So if you like challenging Alpha's and strong-willed independent omegas....and a whole lot more....buy them....word of advice....buy them in the morning at least you had some sleep because once you start reading.....you'll be hooked

    - K Klant 
  • Powerful, crazy jealous-possessive Alpha Hero? Checked.

    Strong writing with amazing plot? Checked. Fated mates in an A/B/O setting? Checked. A little bit of angst to spice up the story but still an HEA? Checked. Sexy times that steam up your kindle/tablet/glasses whatever? Double-checked!

    - K Reads 
  • Written with finesse

    Zoey Ellis has an undeniable way with her words! After every book you're left on the edge of your seat absolutely craving the delicacies that she serves up on a silver platter. These characters have chemistry that just won’t stop!

    - C Nerton 
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