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Fantasy Dark Romance

Own To Obey (Myth of Omega: Own 1)

Own To Obey (Myth of Omega: Own 1)

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I have devoured this book in a matter of hours. I COULD NOT put this book down! This painful love story left me speechless, emotionally shaken and almost numb that it was over... I need more" - Alison

 Inside: enemies-to-lovers, captivity, tribal hero, torture, humiliation, sweet heroine

He took her from her home and now she must survive him.

Sheltered from the world’s troubles, Shaya finds joy in the quiet gardens of her home and the simplicity of her life.

But when she makes the choice to save her sister, she becomes the possession of a savage, tribal warrior who refuses to speak her language, and takes her from her home and into his bed.

Alone and with no way to communicate, Shaya tries to overcome his harsh treatment, while enduring a culture she doesn’t understand.

And his wild, possessive touch sparks a consuming passion that cannot be satisfied.

As tribe leader, Kardos has much to prove to his people. And his possession of a rare omega, especially one so stunningly beautiful and demure as Shaya, is an achievement no other can claim.

As they sail across the seas toward home, he teaches her the way of his culture and the new reality she must accept.

But when he finds himself fiercely captivated by his new treasure, it’s clear it will be a harrowing journey ahead, for them both.

Buy now and jump straight into this sinful, tribal journey. For fans of faithful alpha anti-heroes and captive romances. Cliffhanger included however this series is complete. Includes dark romance situations. See below for content/trigger warnings.

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From the moment shinno Kardos entered the room, he knew he wasn’t leaving without the prettiest woman in it.

He had seen her before and been stunned by her beauty, but thought she belonged to King Malloron, his host in this foreign land. He was rapidly becoming aware that this wasn’t the case.

She was dressed less richly than the others in the room and seemed to be overlooked in conversation, as though she wasn’t as important as the rest of them.
He quickly decided to figure out how to take her. It wasn’t as though the king could deny him—Kardos had done much for Malloron already, and even though Kardos had negotiated with him for an Omega, he was about to leave this land and no Omega had yet been given.

However, upon entering the room, the king did indeed offer him an Omega; a different woman in the room. She stood with her betrothed, who obviously reacted negatively to the idea, but while she was good-looking, Kardos didn’t care for the argument that ensued afterward. He was not interested in taking another man’s woman. Such action had the potential to cause long-lasting problems that conflicted with the natural law in any matter of unforeseen ways. He actually chuckled to himself that the king was so bold to offer the woman to him in front of her betrothed. He would miss Malloron’s antics when he returned to the Southern Isles.

But in a surprising and fortunate turn of events, that could only have been guided by Az Eshra themselves, the young, pretty woman Kardos desired was revealed to be not only the younger sister of the Omega offered, but also an Omega herself. Even better, she asked to leave with Kardos to prevent him from taking her sister.

“This pleases me,” shinno Kardos announced, cutting through all the talk, turmoil, and tears. He didn’t give a fuck about any of it—he only cared about securing this Omega before anyone changed their minds.

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  • dark, uncomfortable, explicit, and potentially triggering scenes
  • a hero who is cruel, brutal, or despicable in some way
  • a hero who is also faithful and fiercely protective of the heroine
  • 18+ material

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  • ★★★★★

    There's so many words to describe this book, yet none feel close to worthy of explaining nor expressing how unbelievably magical this book was.
    This book is a rollercoaster, but a good one. The ending though, OMG!!!

    - Maria

  • ★★★★★

    Oh the FEELINGS I experienced while reading this book!!
    This story killed me - it was amazing, and I can barely catch my breath from this fabulous read that left me delirious.
    I finished this book practically screaming "YEESSS GURL - YAASSS!!!"

    - Alison

  • ★★★★★

    The author picks you up and shakes you all about from the first chapter. Yet this is no game of hokey-pokey!!!
    The intimate scenes are written with such finesse that your empathy for the helplessness of the Omega against the ruthlessness of the Alpha rises from the pages in wispy tendrils that seep in to your psyche. *fans self*

    - Ex L

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